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Rebrand X
Art Angels
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Branding means so many different things to people. For me it means a combination of marketing, public relations, and business development. And it means having the tools and organization to implement those three departments as a single entity. Logos and colors obviously must remain the same across everything that a company produces, but brands evoke a culture as well. If you say you care about the environment, then you should do things that help save the earth, down to the smallest detail. If you say you’re a design firm, then everyone must look like a designer and they have to breathe design—it has to come out of their pores.


Details really matter for the overall experience. Staying consistent everywhere might be the hardest thing to maintain. Hiring a consultant becomes much more than reviewing a few logo ideas, or pitching releases to editors. Our job is to take the view from above and get everything in order, then the rest follows.

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