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What works for my company may not work for yours. I’m happy with Twitter and LinkedIn for my business with Facebook just for my immediate family. I manage all of my client’s social media platforms. We have utilized a wide variety of platforms depending on their client’s needs and what the client does. For instance, for a catering company they need an interactive site for ordering and their Facebook reflects the many social and community events where they’re constantly interacting with people.


Social media works best when principals participate and not just the marketing department. It doesn’t have to be all of the time, but the leadership posting can bring a sense of expertise to the audience that few marketing people can produce independently. The consultant’s place in this is to monitor and keep the action going on a regular basis, to make sure the branding and message stay in line, and to clean up unwanted followers or be sure responses to followers get answered quickly.


Whichever platform does fit your company, it’s important to stay active daily, to provide your audience with things that they think are interesting, and to not advertise too often. It’s better to have less social media exposure than more to keep everything current.


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