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Articles by Marilynn


Today most people can Google and find all of the articles that have ever been written about anyone. Certainly there have been many more articles written about Mendell. The purpose of putting these few up here on the WinSpin CIC, Inc. web site is to show how they created new opportunities and why allowing yourself to be the subject of an article impacts your business. 


The smallest and least significant article shown here is from a local college paper. That one article got Mendell a 15 minute spot on ABC TV’s Good Morning America. The TV crew came to Buffalo to shoot the show and it all happened because the producer Bill Cunningham of ABC went to Canisius College and read about the story in their newspaper. The article about ArtPark trying to become a safe haven for migrating birds got the then governor of New York George Pataki’s attention which in turn helped pave the way to the State of New York granting permission for Art Park to become the first state park to become a National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat set aside. These two articles made national news. And each one began as a very small story.

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An Artful Dwelling
WBJ: Mendell Celebrates 15 Years
Bisnow: Mendell, Wingate Hughes


The Free Lance-Star

Fredericksburg, VA
March 2021
Page 2 


An Artful Dwelling - Page 1
January 2016
Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 - Page 6


The Free Lance-Star

Fredericksburg, VA
November 2014


Washington Business Journal 

Women Who Mean Business

November 2013

Professional Services Management Journal
Elbow Grease + Chicken Fat Review
October 2014 

Zweig White
Book Review: Elbow Grease + Chicken Fat: Business Advice that Sticks to Your Ribs
July 2014 

Washington Business Journal
Mendell Celebrates 15 years
February 28, 2014

Real Estate Bisnow
Mendell with client Gavin Daniels Principal of Wingate Hughes Architects  
December 2013

The Washington Business Journal online
Client: Hickok Cole Architects 
October 19, 2012

Real Estate Bisnow
Client: Hickok Cole Architects
October 3, 2012

Westchester Magazine
Playland Bow Tie designed by Marilynn Mendell 
September 21, 2011

Link 2
'Leprosy' of neglect claimed 1407 Caroline
June 28, 2011

Interior Design Magazine 
Feb 2011

Marketing Now
Hickok Cole Spins in New Year 
April 2009

The Noble Architect 
Washington, DC 

Living in Pink
Profile of Marilynn Mendell 
Treasure Troves
August 23, 2004
Link 2

Bow Tie Article
June 2004
Link 2 - Link 3

James Article - Page 1
January 2004
Page 2 - Page 3
Flags on Caroline Street sent message of pride
September 18, 2001
Link 2

Business First
Buffalo, NY 

National Wildlife Federation
Washington, DC 

Canisius College Chronicle, Buffalo, NY 1991 

Buffalo, NY

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