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Mendell translates her client's message into a visual that reflects that organization's goals. Her talent comes from her innate ability to judge the appropriate graphic style that would appeal to her client's targeted audience. Some clients want to be seen as fun, others as sophisticated, and others as environmentally friendly. Each personality requires a completely different look and feel as well as a consistent and integrated plan to carry the artistic element through all aspects of the organization. Often Mendell will create original artwork herself and other times she will simply supply the graphic designer with the concept drawings and then help guide the designer along the way. 


 With her highly successful LOOK campaign for client Hickok Cole Architects, Mendell spearheaded the concept and the company's principals and marketing department provided enthusiastic input and ideas to augment the original concept and strategic plan. In the case of the Phipps Botanical Gardens and Conservatory, Mendell picked up on a casual remark from a board member who said that the Phipps was the Green Heart of Pittsburgh. She could instantly see the huge impact of that phrase and began to develop the concept. She pressed the director to do research to prove they are the most energy efficient conservatory in the world. After confirming the facts she began a green campaign for them that resulted in the entire city, as well as the governor and the mayor, embracing the phrases. After the campaign's kick off the board unanimously agreed to support another addition to be the world's first Living Building.For Marilynn Tunkey Caterer, Mendell wanted to create advertising that would be different than all of the other food related ads. She drew and designed the ads. Then the collateral materials needed to appeal to the carriage trade in Buffalo, New York so she used a family crest with deliciously soft cream colored papers and sable brown inks and added a light hearted, yet well written, text to match the advertising campaign. In five years the company expanded from three employees to 200 and became the largest off premise caterer in Western New York. 

"Marilynn’s keen listening skills and unique ability to elicit action are both refreshing and persuasive. Her indefatigable energy and creative spirit inspire and lead to solutions developed by you. Of further benefit, she generously shares resource from a rich, interesting life of professional service. I would hire her again in a heartbeat…if you can get her!"

Debra J. Gilmore IALD, MIES

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